Our House

We are close to Florence historic center, the city known worldwide for
her art and beauty. The house is in the green, with large trees, a vegetable garden and olive trees. The river Arno flows with his energy toward us.

We are surrounded by natural elements, and they are saved thanks to prohibition of hunting, so we can hear the chirp of birds, pheasants, there are many wild and free animals around us because none disturbs.
As soon as you enter you see the pit from which one draws water and life.

In the house live me (Silvia), Sauro and Vindya, a girl from Sri Lanka, who helps us to maintain harmony in the place where we live and practice. Together with us there are also two dogs and two cats, they chose us in recent years. One dog is from Mountain Everest and the other from India, while one cat is from Crete and the other one is from the dustbin, it was abandoned.
Here we live, make plan, play, and work with pleasure.

The people who are practicing with us already knew us and others reached us because of students talking about the work they do here with us.
It is not a gym, not even a centre but it is our home where we "grow" not only the land but also our bodies and minds.
This requires commitment and endurance and, above all, the desire to do things with the pleasure to see the changes and not only the mistakes. This is the reason why not everyone can practice here but only selected people who understand the meaning of what we offer and who wish to get involved and give a consistency of training.

For this reason we prefer intensive and residential courses here where you will have the opportunity to live and practice more hours, concentrated and engaged in several workouts working on more parameters through the disciplines that we know, yoga, Taiji, karate, kendo, qi gong and the sacred dances.

The food is vegetarian, we do not drink alcohol and smoking is not allowed, so for those who do not feel easy to stay away from cigarette or from the usual habits for a few hours or even few days is better if they prepare themselves to do so in a future work and for the moment approch what is closer to the feeling of their moment of life, without forcing anything.