I Maestri

Silvia Del Conte


Silvia Del Conte was born in Florence and started studying Karate in 1989 with F.I.K.T.A., obtaining her black belt in 1994. In 1992 she started her competitive career, winning many national and international awards including the Gold Medal at the Regional Championships in Tuscany (1994-1997), the Gold Medal (Individual Category) in Germany (1995), the Gold Medal (Team Award) in Birmingham (1995), the 1996 Italian Championships (both Individual Title and as a team), and the Gold Medal (Individual Category) in Slovakia (1997). In 1997 she won Third Place at the World Championships – her last appearance as a competitor.

Since 1995 she has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan, learning a different approach to movement. In 1996 she taught Karate in schools, working with hyper-active children and children with family disorders. For three years she worked with the children on movement, coordination, and the union of body and mind, developing specific exercises focused on play, and using Martial Arts as a vehicle for bodily and emotional expression. She also gave seminars in New York, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza (Brazil), where she initiated a programme for pregnant women and for persons with alcohol-related disorders, utilising Martial Arts as an instrument of communition and physical recuperation. These commitments didn’t prevent her from obtaining a Degree in Law with a thesis on human rights and the environment.

In 1996, together with Sauro Somigli, she founded Apeiron (International Voluntary Organisation) and since 2001 for six years she has lived in Kathmandu, Nepal, working with women who are victims of violence.

She developed a deep passion for the study of Nepalese-Tibetan sacred dances, with a particular interest in the dances of female Goddesses. She also studies movement linked to words and music, focusing on the interaction of qualities such as balance, concentration, stamina, fluidity, harmony and strength. Since 2005 she has practiced Vipassana Meditation. Her interest in Eastern culture, alternative medicine and natural cures has led to long periods spent in India practicing Naturopathy and Yoga, and the combination of these disciplines has allowed her to a deeper understanding of movement, equilibrium, and harmony.

She lives in Crete, an island of Greece, where she continues her studies and teachings.