The aim of our work is to work on education and on the pleasure
of learning how to move in harmony
, feeling that one moves together, without having the feeling that the body is still in the race behind the mind and mind is awaiting for a lazy body. For this reason we prefer intensive courses where you have the opportunity to work more hours a day, starting early in the morning with exercises for stretching and toning the body, awakening muscles and tendons, then treatments of hydrotherapy with cold water to maintain the internal circulation active and enjoy the physical and mental work done before.

Following sessions are expected on concentration and meditation in order to train the mind, then in the afternoon sessions on technical positions in movement, creating external imbalance working on the logs (of wood), the use of bamboo canes' for ability and empowering. This allows the person to get into a rhythm, you come to perceive the feelings and work on those, because Sferologico originates from the body and uses the mind to consciously follow the feelings in every gesture and make it smooth and suited to the situation.

Refers to a period of study to be spent with us, previously agreed together according to the expectations, the time and chance 'of the student;

Study sessions are themed, usually at weekends, dates and topics of study and practice will be published on the website periodically and sent to the subscribers of our newsletter;

Daily classes are held here for those people who can reach us in a day and with a program that provides training once or more times in a week, on a personal base program, which will be trained in small groups.