Dear friends,
finally we arrived in Crete, the greek Island that will host us in the next future.
After six years on the "roof top of the world", in Nepal, we chose Crete, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. We wanted to come back to Europe and be closer to our culture, but an Europe with a slower step that will permit us to taste the things we learned in these last years. An island is like a container where to collect energies for a further transformation, the island is a crossroad among three different continents Europe, Asia and Africa, cradle of different cultures and traditions.
Together with this also a piece of blue sea, our sea, the Mediterranean Sea, fragrant of life, full of all the glories and defeats of a people that have built themselves on the identity of many peoples. Air is clean, sour smelling, brackish taste, fragrant of sea and red earth. In Crete there is the labyrinth, only one way is right, one takes it in order to reach the central zone and then go back. Labyrinths for the ancients have a sacred value; the aim of those who were building labyrinths was to represent the path of life with her difficulties, her choises and her mistakes, untill the arrival in the "central chamber", that is death. Those who reached it could go back and rebirth in a new life.
In the MiddleAges labyrinths represented the path of the soul, full of doubts, dangers and tricks, towards salvation.
This choice is for us a new beginning, a new action that will free energy.
We are already operative, we are looking for collaborations on the Island in order to create a centre for the study of movement, in the meanwhile we are teaching to interested persons in different places.
Soon you will find updates on our website.
Looking forward to hearing and seeing you soon,
A Dear Namaste (Greeting) to all,
Silvia & Sauro