Sferologico introduction


Over many years of working with different students, we have learned that body awareness is often lacking, and that many movements are performed in an automatic way – without a sense of where we are, and who we are. One needs to learn to know one’s body better, to respect it – this is the first step toward physical and mental harmony. By integrating Martial Arts with Yoga, Naturopathy, Charya Dance and Meditation, we have created a broad-based type of training for all kinds of people.

The various disciplines taught in our program teach plasticity, stability, strength, and flexibility of a body in movement, all guided by an effort to harmonise the perception of balance and the lightness of the body in space.

We combine stretching, coordination, and stamina exercises with the study of codified techniques learned through mnemonic tasks - a creative approach leading to the development of a personalised style of movement. As a form of preventive health, our method includes bodily care and hygiene, with specific positions appropriate for specific disturbances. Proper breathing allows us to experience slow movement more intensely, and to deepen our understanding of the details of that movement. Various degrees of muscular contraction and relaxation allow us to alternate speeds and degrees of explosivity.

We study Charya Dance (sacred dance from Tibet and Nepal) - strong feelings expressed through movement – the effort of human beings seeking to link the material world (the body) with the divine (the sky). Study of the words gives us the sense and meaning of certain positions, and the music acts as a vehicle for rhythm, intensity, concentration and balance, and the interaction between body and mind.

We also work toward control of aggressive tendencies, seeking to channel our mental battles into schematic representations of combat, and encouraging the management of bodily and mental reactions that all too often emerge as feelings of anxiety, abuse of power, or intolerance.

We strive toward the control of the body (tired and lazy because of insufficient stimulation) and of the mind (tired and lazy because of insufficient challenges). Over time, we hope to learn how to use the only instrument of movement available to us in this world - the body - to manage our inner selves. But our overall goal is to improve our “being” – in ourselves and in the world – and to find the peace that we all desire.