Origins of Sferologico


Sferologico is a word that becomes a key to open closed doors and to communicate to others an experience, trying to explain in words what is not possible to say with words, but only through experience.

The "logic of the Sphere" in the sense that it tries to reach the circularity in every movement, "beveled" corners, which create breaks, energetic blocks and in order to do this one needs to work on the joints, the tendons and ligaments, as well as the muscles that must be made looser, flexible and strong, so that every part of the body works together as a unit.

"Everything starts from a center in order to return to it”, the center is our being, our being "in contact with the body, feeling it, dissolving the tensions and extending it, retaining the positions and working on endurance to tone it.

We talk about education in the sense of "pulling out" the potential of each one of us, so everyone can practice "sferologicamente” because this is a training of the body and mind in order to work together, using any technique as a tool to improve oneself, without identifying oneself in each technique but staying in a continuous motion. Sferologico stems from experience gained with different disciplines that are integrated one with another, according to the characteristics of the student, the time of day and the physical and mental condition of the person.